<b>Monitor</b> Computer Activity <b>Remotely</b>

Monitor Computer Activity Remotely

Track your children’s and employees web usage

  • Discreet Mode
  • Review user activity
  • Record keystrokes and screenshots
  • Measure productivity


Mac OS

Mac OS 10.6 - 10.9

Windows OS

Windows XP x32; Windows Vista x32, x64; Windows 7 x32, x64; Windows 8, 8.1 (without Metro apps)



mSpy automatically captures screenshots of the computer’s desktop at specified intervals. You can check what your target is doing on the computer at any time.


mSpy undetectably records each keyboard key pressed by the user, giving you access to a complete log of text entered such as emails sent, websites visited, login details, etc.

User activity

mSpy lets you know how long your employees or underage children are active and inactive during each computer session, either in the office or at home. Logs show when each session started and when it ended.

Applications Use

With this monitoring solution, you will find out which apps are used by your employee or your child, and how much time is spent within each app.

Discreet mode

mSpy operates in discreet mode, which means that it will not distract the user or affect computer performance.

How it works


Make sure the monitored computer is compatible with our tracking software before purchasing mSpy. Select the subscription for your needs, fill in the order form and complete the payment. Check your email’s inbox for further instructions. Please read important legal disclosures before purchasing our software.


Log in to your Control Panel using login details from the welcome email. Choose the operating system of your computer and install mSpy onto the computer device using the installation wizard.


Within 20 minutes of installation, mSpy will begin tracking activities taking place on the monitored computer. Check captured screenshots, typed keystrokes, and apps usage remotely from your personal control panel.


What is mSpy?

This computer monitoring software is a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring of your computer’s activity. Installation is clear, easy and takes just a few minutes. Once you’re done with the mSpy installation, you’ll be able to track computer user’s activity remotely from your mSpy account accessible to you from any web browser at mspyonline.com.

Do I need mSpy?

Our computer monitoring software is the right choice for parents, employers, security professionals, and network administrators because it leaves no doubts as to how their computers are being used.

Is this computer tracking software undetectable?

It depends on the operating system of your target computer. The mSpy folder is visible on the drive and in the Process List (only in x64) on Windows OS and in the Activity Monitor on Mac OS.