mSpy For Non-Jailbroken<br> iOS Devices

mSpy For Non-Jailbroken
iOS Devices

  • Supervise phone and tablet activity
  • Monitor iPhone use without jailbreaking
  • Ensure security and efficiency



Browse through the contacts on a monitored user’s phone.

Call Logs

View all sent and received calls on an iPhone.

Text Messages

Read the content of all text messages sent and received on a monitored iPhone.

Browser History

View all web activity on a monitored iPhone or tablet device.


Sift through all event entries on a user’s device to ensure transparency.


Review all notes made on an iPhone or tablet.

How it works

Get credentials

Obtain the iCloud credentials of the monitored non-jailbroken device (if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the device, physical access may be necessary)

Select features

Turn on features which you would like to use while monitoring (Click here for a list of features available with mSpy Without Jailbreak)

Start monitoring

Fill in the required fields in the Wizard Setup correctly, then log into your Control Panel to view the user’s device activity

What people are saying

I am so grateful for mSpy’s monitoring services! Now, I can monitor my son’s mobile activity (he’s in his troublesome teen age now). And what is more, I can do so without having to jailbreak his phone!

Sandra P.

I was looking for a monitoring solution where I did not have to compromise the integrity of the phone. With mSpy, I get the monitoring features I personally require, without resorting to jail-breaking. Thanks mSpy!

George C.

I implemented BYOD culture in my company. Employees agreed upon monitoring their devices without jailbreaking due to security reasons. mSpy satisfied both needs: I’m able to monitor any phone; my employees don’t have to concede to owning an insecure device.

Daniel V.

Read More About mSpy:

What is mSpy?

mSpy is an advanced mobile and computer monitoring software intended for use by parents of minor children and business owners with employees who are aware of being monitored on company-issued devices.

mSpy offers a full range of monitoring features including: Call History, Email, SMS, GPS Tracking, Chat Apps, Browser History, and more.

mSpy also offers the option for those interested in monitoring iOS phones or tablets to do so without jailbreaking the device. You need the iCloud credentials only for mSpy to begin monitoring a device.

The accompanying features include: Call Logs, Contacts, Text Messages, Browser History, Notes, & Events.