Geo-fencing means setting a virtual barrier so that when a device enters the defined boundaries, you receive a notification. The feature allows you to:

  • Instantly be able to:
  • Set unlimited number of allowed and forbidden zones.
  • See when and how often each zone is visited.
  • Receive email notifications about each zone entrance or/and exit.
  • View the history of device movements on a convenient map.

Why will you find this feature useful?

Geo-fencing can put a lot of worries to rest. The geo-fencing feature of mSpy lets its users get alerted of a target device out of the safe zone. When it comes to child safety, this feature is an absolute must-have. Create a safe zone around your home or your child’s school and you will be alerted in real time when something out of the ordinary happens. With intellectual property and confidential data now being stored on mobile devices, business owners are concerned about the whereabouts of every device. Setting a safe zone around the office or even around your neighborhood can be a useful tool to be altered of potentially stolen devices.

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